The Williams College Museum of Art makes dynamic art experiences to incite new thinking about art, museums, and the world.

The Williams College Museum of Art is a vibrant center for the arts at Williams that embodies the potential for the liberal arts to catalyze our ability to think creatively and critically. It is a vital hub for deep student learning and participation; for taking risks and testing creative, future forms of scholarship and teaching; and for boldly affirming the relevance of the history of art and the arts broadly. Partnering closely with art department faculty and others, we aim not just to sustain but to revitalize the college’s world class legacy in the visual arts for generations to come.
Strategic Plan

At the 2014 Imagining Retreat for the development of WCMA’s Strategic Plan. Photo by Roman Iwasiwka.

WCMA’s bold vision for the future is presented in Spark-Think-Make: Transforming the Museum.

WCMA began this plan in 2014, at the cusp of the museum’s 9th decade of history. WCMA staff, alongside Williams College faculty and students, came together to create a plan that would push WCMA to leverage its remarkable history and to move beyond it by strengthening its particular capacities and flexibility of forms. Their resulting plan envisions WCMA as an inspiring and exciting center of learning and pleasure, seeing and making, contemplation and risk taking.