9/15/18 - 12/12/18

Elizabeth Gallerani
Curator of Mellon Academic Programs

In this hybrid gallery-classroom classes across disciplines investigate the relationships between works of art and key course concepts. Professors teaching courses from Mathematical Modeling to The Mughal Empire: Power, Art, and Religion in India select objects from the collection to be displayed for the semester. During this seventh iteration students working in Object Lab will create guided tours in Russian, write weekly papers in response to African art objects, and compose ekphrastic poetry.

Object Lab: Fall 2018 Courses

ARTH 104
Materials, Meanings, and Messages in the Arts of Africa, Professor Michelle Apotsos

ARTH 222
Photography in/of the Middle East, Professor Holly Edwards

BIOL 311
Neural Systems and Circuits, Professor Matt Carter

ENGL 113
The Feminist Poetry Movement, Professor Bethany Hicok

ENGL 130
Dream Work, Professor Jessica Fisher

HIST 312
The Mughal Empire: Power, Art, and Religion in India, Professor Aparna Kapadia

LATS 112
Caribbean Diasporic Aesthetics: An Introduction, Professor Sebastián Perez

MATH 433
Mathematical Modeling, Professor Chad Topaz

RUSS 401
Senior Seminar: The Myth of Lenin, Professor Vladimir Ivantsov