9/15/17 - 12/11/17

Elizabeth Gallerani
Curator of Mellon Academic Programs

Object Lab is a hybrid gallery-classroom and a responsive pedagogical platform. Each semester, faculty across academic divisions collaborate with museum staff to select works of art that employ, investigate or interpret key course concepts. These works of art are then presented in a course-specific installation, offering students and faculty extended access to objects as visual texts. Throughout the semester, students return to the space to test neuroscience theories, write weekly journal entries about form and original context, and re-imagine literary characters.

This is the fifth iteration of Object Lab presented in a larger space to support teaching and learning.

Object Lab: Fall 2017 Courses 

ANTH 281
The Seeds of Divinity: Exploring Precolumbian Art & Civilization in a Museum Exhibit, Professor Antonia Foias

ARTH 101
Art Through Time, Professors Peter Low and Stefanie Solum

ARTH 462
Art of California: Pacific Standard Time, Professor C. Ondine Chavoya

BIOL 311
Neural Systems and Circuits, Professor Matt Carter

COMP 208

Through the Looking Glass: Comparative Children’s Literature, Professor Janneke van de Stadt

DANC 201
African Dance and Percussion, Professors Sandra Burton and Tendai Muparutsa

ENVI 217
Environmental Humanities, Professor Nicolas Howe

HIST 152
The Fourteenth Amendment and the Meanings of Equality, Professor Sara Dubow

WGSS 225
Gender and Sexuality in Asian American Theater, Professor Vivian Huang