WCMA's student consultants.

The Think Tank is a volunteer group of Williams students who help shape WCMA’s presence on the Williams College campus.

Think Tankers meet weekly (often over pizza), digging into key museum topics and working collaboratively to test ideas, challenge assumptions, and lend a student perspective to WCMA’s work. They present ideas to WCMA staff and develop projects, such as a student-only celebration and designs for the museum’s entryway.  They have also strategized ways to collaborate with other local colleges and were beta testers for this website.

Students are free to join Think Tank at any time through the academic year. Email Hadley DesMeules with questions.

2017-2018 Active Members

Syed Hussain U. Fareed Bukhari ’18
Shaheen Currimjee ’20
Meadhbh Ginnane ’21

Alex Jen ’19
Victoria Liu ’21
Joseph Messer ’21
Perry Weber ’19
Angela Yu ’20

2016 – 2017 Active Members

Tayana Fincher ’17
Wilfred Guerron ’17
Alex Jen ’19
Bea Kelly ’19
Neftaly Lara ’19
Laura Lee ’17
Emma McAvoy ’17
Alexandra Mendez ’17
Sarah Ritzman ’17
CJ Salapare ’20
Nanase Shirokawa ’19
Andrew Wallace ’19
Terence Washington MA ’17
Perry Weber ’19