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College Students

As a student at Williams, you are an integral part of the work we do here at the museum. Learn how you can participate in every aspect of the museum — from developing exhibitions and programs to leading tours.

Use the Galleries

Many students use the museum galleries to study and sketch artwork, to write papers, or for a study break. Drawing boards, paper, pencils, and laptops are welcome. Gallery stools are also available for student use.

Get Involved

Get involved at WCMA Apply to be a Think Tank member, Gallery Guide, intern, or volunteer. Here, you have direct access to the professionals who work in all areas of the museum.

Think Tank

WCMA’s Think Tank investigates ways the museum can be better integrated into the lives of Williams students. Beginning with questions about WCMA’s student audience, members will collect information from their peers and present findings to museum staff. Think Tank members will develop their arts leadership and support skills by becoming familiar with the inner workings of the museum, learning how to conduct audience research, and building communication and presentation skills. This group meets biweekly for an hour and requires 30-60 minutes of independent work between meetings. Students interested in joining for the 2015-16 academic year should check back in the spring for application information. Please contact Rachel Heisler, Student Engagement Manager, with questions.

Gallery Guides

The ability to facilitate a dialogue among museum visitors and artworks with skill and sophistication is fundamental to any future museum work. Gallery Guides study the museum and selected artworks on view, as well as best practices for engaging visitors with artworks. They also engage in communication and leadership development opportunities with WCMA staff members, artists, peers, and visitors. Gallery Guides lead tours that are responsive to the needs and interests of our visitors, inviting them to express ideas and questions and explore the many lenses through which an artwork can be discovered. This program meets weekly and requires a commitment to some independent work and tour and program assignments. Students interested in joining for the 2015-16 academic year should check back in the spring for application information. Please contact Rachel Heisler, Student Engagement Manager, with questions.


We encourage students from across the campus to apply for internships at the museum. Interns work closely with the museum staff in every department. Internship projects have included creating tour content, managing our social media, conducting research on our collection, and creating videos for exhibitions. Internships are posted for fall, spring, and summer on Route 2 and WSO. Please contact Amy Tatro, Assistant to the Director with questions.


If none of these options fit your schedule or needs, talk to us about ways to volunteer, pursue a special interest, or maintain a connection to a project.

Attend Events

attend WCMA events Check our programs page for artist’s talks, student and faculty art shows, openings, and other events.