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Why are we fascinated by brains?

So, Landscapes of the Mind may have closed on May 2, but as you can see we still have the brain on our mind.  Below are some thoughts from our Coordinator of Education Programs, Joann Harnden.

Brains are cool, no question. This holds true for visitors of all ages. It’s true for hesitant high school students who find themselves asking earnest questions about the brain despite their best intentions to remain aloof, and true for the seven and eight-year olds who…

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Two Worlds

We inhabit two worlds, each exquisite and sublime, each complete unto itself, but sundered from the other.  Our anxiety over the mysterious duality of it, over the intractable irreconcilability between the two, our puzzlement and, for some of us, regret, well, these are matched only by our confidence that we really are in two places, and that it must be so, that we know it with certainty.

The two worlds, of course, are, firstly: the internal world of waking, living, experiencing…

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