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Alumni Weekend Family Program: The Art of Archaeology

On the weekend this June when Williamstown was overrun with alumni busy with their reunions, WCMA was abuzz with kids of alumni on an archaeology hunt. Their gallery expedition led them from gallery to gallery to classroom, map and hieroglyphic chart in hand, to find a hidden word and thereby receive a prize back at the welcome table. What was that word? Well, fittingly, it was “EXPLORE,” and explore they did. Each of WCMA’s “Reunion Rangers,” stationed in particular galleries…

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Art of the Month Club: President Adam Falk

Assyrian (1000-500 B.C.E), Guardian Spirit, from the Palace at Nimrud of Ashur-nasir-pal, ca. 880 BC, gypsum, Williams Cellege Museum of Art, Gift of Sir Austen Henry Layard through Dwight W. Marsh, Class of 1842. (1851.1)_x400

One of the most striking objects at WCMA is the enormous bas-relief of the King of Nimrud from the Iron Age of Man, approximately 900 B.C.E. To be in its presence is, for me, an extraordinary experience of being transported in space and time.

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