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The Woven Brain


“Our eyes may see images, but our brains interpret the visual world and generate cognitive and emotional responses to the visual input from the eyes.”

These words written by Curator Katie Price and Psychology Professor Betty Zimmerberg peaked my interest, inspiring me to be an enthusiastic part of this extraordinary show. It is not only the work in Landscapes of the Mind: Contemporary Artists Contemplate the Brain that is important but the collaboration of thoughts between disciplines that began in Professor…

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How“Male” and “Female” Brains Might Lead to “Male” and “Female” Art

Katy Schimert’s floor piece, A Woman’s Brain, was inspired by an interest in the differences between the male and female brain. Given the well-documented existence of sex differences in a variety of behavioral domains (e.g., mental rotation ability, verbal fluency, willingness to ask for directions when lost), it would be naïve to think that male and female brain are identical. Only relatively recently, though, have sex differences in neuroanatomy been identified. Geoffrey Raisman and Pauline Field (1973) were the first…

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Behind the Scenes – Part 1

I was fortunate enough to play a small role in helping Katy Schimert install her wall drawing, Oedipal Blind Spot, at WCMA. It was a fascinating experience to get to know a working artist and not only learn about, but literally take part in, her creative process. When Katie Price, co-curator of Landscapes of the Mind, asked me if I would be interested in helping Katy install her piece, I was incredibly flattered but also unsure if I had heard…

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