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Rights and Reproductions

Copyright and usage information

Copyright to all site content is held by Williams College when not retained by artists or their representatives under current copyright laws. Unauthorized use of content from this site is prohibited. When the source is cited, fair personal, educational, and other non-commercial use of content is usually permitted. Permission must be obtained for any use of site content for commercial or editorial purposes, or for any kind of reproduction or distribution. Requests for permission should be addressed to the Williams College Museum of Art.

Usage Guidelines

Educational, Personal, and other Non-Commercial Uses

The Williams College Museum of Art posts site content to provide an educational resource for the public. All text, images, and technology remain the property of Williams College, or of third parties and used by permission, and are in all cases protected by copyright. Content may be downloaded freely from the database and used for research, education, and personal purposes. We encourage non-commercial use of the content contained here but request that the institution that owns the work be both cited and notified.

Examples of permitted usage include, but are not limited to: academic papers or research not meant for publication, classroom use by educators, non-commercial presentation, and individual enjoyment.

Commercial Uses

Contact the museum and our staff will make every effort to process your request quickly and advise you of any restrictions, fees or usage requirements.

Examples of commercial usage include, but are not limited to: any product or service for sale or for which fees are charged, directly or indirectly; a website or publication containing advertisements; commercial tour groups; and promotional materials for any individual or organization.

Copyright Corrections

Copyright holders are credited in the museum’s collection database, when known.
The museum has made every effort to acknowledge copyright holders in the display of object data. Please contact the museum for reproduction requests, questions, or additional information.

Press Kits

Members of the press may contact the museum for press kits and accompanying images. These images may be used only for the purposes of publicity for the duration of an exhibition at the Williams College Museum of Art.

The museum grants permission to use images only to the extent of its ownership rights relating to those images—the responsibility for any additional permissions remains solely with the party reproducing the images. In addition, the images must be accompanied by the credit line and any copyright information as it appears, and the party reproducing the images must not distort, crop, or alter the images in any way.

To receive a press kit by mail or email, please email the museum’s Communications Manager.