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WCMA at Night: Working Together

For immediate release: December 12, 2012

The Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA) continues WCMA at Night an evening series of happenings with music, food, dancing and more, on Thursday, January 17, 2013 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. WCMA at Night: Working Together is instigated by Hana van der Kolk and collaboratively designed and enacted with Asher Woodworth, Karl Mullen (sound), and Williams College students Stephen Simalchik, Tracy Hu, Audrey Kwon, and Kelly Wang, this WCMA at Night event responds to the alienating forces of economic competition, virtual communication, and over-scheduled existences. Part dance performance, part party, part activist encampment, this experience of temporary collectivity plays with normative rules of engagement, resists fixed outcomes, and invites us (performer and audience alike) to contemplate, and in some cases enact, the relationship between disorder and order, the individual and the collective, the rules and breaking them. What can we learn as citizens for change from collective, improvisational performance practices and processes? And what can we find in existing theories, alternative communities, and actions of political activism that can influence and shape a collective performance experience?

The evening’s performances will take place throughout the museum’s gallery spaces. They are the culmination of a month-long Williams Winter Study course led by Hana van der Kolk, in which students draw upon a range of traditions in dance, music, art, and relational practices while deepening their capabilities for movement, vocalization, and embodied collaboration. Students will work throughout the month in traditional dance studio spaces and in the museum galleries. Winter Study courses take place at Williams every January. The eclectic range of Winter Study course offerings encourages students to be more adventurous than their regular course of study might allow. It also provides a change of pace, giving students the opportunity to focus in depth on one intensive course, research project, or internship for the entire month.

About Hana van der Kolk

Hana van der Kolk is an independent performer, choreographer, and movement educator. Her choreographic projects exist at the boundaries between post modern dance and conceptual practice and occur in a wide range of sites. She has worked throughout the U.S. and in Berlin, Amsterdam, Estonia, and Singapore, and was the 2011-12 Arthur Levitt Fellow in Dance and Art at Williams. www.hanavanderkolk.com.

WCMA at Night
Expect the unexpected as artists, musicians, dancers, writers, students, and others re-imagine the museum as a site for connection, collaboration, and art-making. Each night has a unique theme, with different ways to get involved, exchange ideas, and make your mark.

Thursday, February 21 / WCMA at Night: Lit Café

Art provides the creative spark as you caffeinate, percolate, and put pen to paper. Join in with an “open-mic” label contest featuring visitor-submitted creative writing inspired by art in the galleries. Sample acoustic music, spoken word, bookmaking, spine poetry, art-making and more. To participate in our book exchange to benefit local libraries, bring two books and take one home.

Thursday, April 18 / WCMA at Night: Living Between the Lines

The Williams College Queer Student Union (QSU) activates the galleries with performance, art-making, and interventions. This WCMA at Night is part of Queer Pride Days, an annual month-long series of discussions, performances, and events that encourage the community to learn about and celebrate queer identities.