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Sketches and notes in the Prendergast Book Collection

Our next photo session begins on Monday, March 4, 2013. In preparation I’ve been looking through the pages of the Prendergast book collection in search of notations, inscriptions, and sketches as well as interesting images for the photographers to shoot. So far, I have found several books with paint marks and small sketches, as well as a few with larger more detailed drawings. Among the books with Prendergast sketches or notations are Peasant Art in Russia, Indian Art of the United States, The Venetian Painters of the Renaissanceand Ravenna: Artistic Italy, Vol. 2. More images of these books and sketches will be posted to the blog after the next photo shoot.


In addition to looking through the pages of the books, I have also been looking through Eugénie Prendergast’s photo collection, which ranges in date from the early 1900s to her 100th birthday party in 1994.  I have also begun the process of transferring the photos from albums to polyester sleeves and placing them into archival folders. The polyester sleeves not only protect the photos from dirt, dust and scratches, but also assure that neither the sleeve nor adjacent prints will chemically react with the enclosed print.

While I was going through the photos, I noticed some parallels between the photo albums and the books. For example, the photos include pictures of Charles and Eugénie taken with Walter Pach, a contemporary to the Prendergast brothers in the art world. The book collection includes several books that were either authored by Pach or include a preface or introduction by him. Two of the books, Paul Cezanne, and History of Art: Ancient Art,  even include handwritten notes that Pach had written to the Prendergasts on the inner front cover. Both the photos and handwritten notes indicate that in addition to being contemporaries, Walter Pach was also a close personal friend of the Prendergasts.

Other parallels between the photos and the book collection include a 1927 series of photographs of Charles and Eugénie in Carcassone, France and a book about the architecture of Carcassone titled La Cité de Carcassonne. Even while on vacation it seems Charles was looking for artistic inspiration.

Check back at the end of next week for more detailed images of sketches, ephemera, and notations found within the pages of the Prendergast Book collection!

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