Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Focus on Frames

Charles Prendergast was a successful framemaker, and the museum has in its collection 67 of his hand-carved frames. As part of our digitization project, we are treating these frames like the decorative art objects that they are. We are measuring them and creating cataloging sheets for our database records.

Then, we are using the barrier method for applying labels. Here is an interesting article from the Minnesota Historical Society about this topic. First, we apply a barrier coat of Acryloid B-72.

We copy the accession number label onto a linen paper and cut it out. We lay the label down on the B-72 using tweezers.

Then, after the original barrier layer has dried and the accession number label has been put in place, a sealing barrier is applied. This method is beneficial because it is reversible and non-invasive. Check out some of the beautiful frames made by Charles Prendergast which we have just labeled and digitized.

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