Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Engraved Plates, Figurines, and a Voodoo doll

We now have images of some of Charles and Eugénie Prendergast’s personal belongings including two of his original engraved plates, which were found with a collection of souvenirs Eugénie likely acquired during her travels. Indian figurines, a voodoo doll and iron cherubs are some of the interesting objects discovered among the personal items.

Indian Figurine

The types of figurines that were found in this collection are reflective of an interest in eastern art forms and inspiration gained from local folk art in addition to well-known artists.

Engraved Plate

The engraved plates were found inside a cedar cigar box along with a pen knife, a magnifying glass, mailing tag labels and the voodoo doll. The mailing tag labels indicate that he traveled to Saint Servan, a small town in North Western France, and Peaches Point, an area of Marblehead, MA that Charles’ brother Maurice often depicted in his paintings.

Voodoo Doll

The voodoo doll was another interesting and unique find. We assume that Eugénie collected the doll as a souvenir as we have yet to find anything else in the Prendergast archival collection that would indicate an interest in practicing voodoo!

We will be adding more images to the collection soon including the Prendergast’s magazine collection, so be sure to check back for more updates.

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