Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Wrapping Up Year One

Our professional photographers, Jim Gipe and Stephen Petegorsky (pictured below), have just this moment photographed the last of the paintings in the museum’s Prendergast collection.

How exciting! It has been a long year. We got a good start. We launched these webpages. We launched a subject browser feature on emuseum, and created a way that users could search just the Prendergast collection. We presented about our project at a conference in Washington, D.C. We integrated all of the frames made by Charles Prendergast into our database, and supplied them with accession numbers and images of their own. We unframed works that may not have been unframed for many years, and photographed drawings, sketches, paintings, and historic labels and inscriptions that are on the back of the Prendergast works. We even made some connections between the Prendergasts and other works in the museum’s collection.

Next week, after our current photography session is finished, you will be able to search the Prendergast collection and view high quality images of all of the watercolors and oil paintings. In this year, we’ve also digitized most of the sketchbooks (view one here), some of the letters Maurice Brazil Prendergast sent Charles Prendergast in Venice in 1911, and a few photographs.

Check back next year as we’ll be digitizing decorative arts, books and magazines that were owned by the brothers and have all kinds of interesting notations and sketches inside them, and the remainder of the letters and sketchbooks. We will also be adding historical materials about the history of the Prendergast Archive and Study Center (such as relating to symposia and events) as scanned PDFs to these Prendergast webpages.

It is great to be done with year one of a three year project!


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  1. Dick Fish says:

    Without a doubt you have the services of THE BEST museum photographers ever!