Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Prendergast Archive and Study Center

A Good Start to the Prendergast Digitization Project

Since receiving a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services in the summer of 2011, the Prendergast digitization team has made great progress. We have added just a little more than a thousand digital files to the museum’s server, and we have photographed more than two hundred actual objects (including shots of paintings framed and unframed, detail shots where appropriate, and separate shots of the frames – such as some hand-carved by Charles Prendergast). This year we are focusing on the photography of the framed oil paintings and watercolors.

We have discovered watercolors and sketches on the backs on pieces that were previously unseen because the works had never been unframed in their time at the museum.

We rehoused books owned by Charles Prendergast in archival quality custom made boxes.

In the process, we found sketches and notations inside travel books and ephemeral materials such as postcards that depicted hotels in France, tickets to museum exhibitions, and even dried flowers pressed between the pages.

We’ve created files for archival materials, which were previously not integrated into the museum’s database, in the process of prepping these materials for digitization in 2014.

Check back as we make more progress in increasing the accessibility of the fine art and archival materials relating to the artist brothers Maurice and Charles Prendergast in the next couple of years!

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