Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Category: Fine Art Collection

Information about works by Charles and Maurice Prendergast, including oil and watercolor paintings, monotypes, drawings, and sculpture.

Prendergast Digitization Complete

Prendergast Image Collage

4862 high resolution digital files

2433 fine art and archival objects

330 scanned exhibition images

Three years

One grant

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Prendergast Archive and Study Center Now On Pinterest!

The Prendergast Archive and Study Center’s Pinterest account features images of both fine art and archival materials that were digitized as part of the IMLS digitization grant.

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Explore a Prendergast Sketchbook

Last month, we digitized most of Charles and Maurice Prendergast’s sketchbooks.

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Prendergast Subject Browser

We have a new feature on the Prendergast section of our online collection database and that is the “Prendergast Subject Browser”. We hope that you enjoy exploring the museum’s Prendergast collection, and that it expands your understanding of the locations, themes, and landscape features that relate to the works.

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Focus on Frames

Charles Prendergast was a successful framemaker, and the museum has in its collection 67 of his hand-carved frames. As part of our digitization project, we are treating these frames like the decorative art objects that they are.

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Through the process of unframing the Prendergast works so that the project staff can photograph the versos, many interesting stamps, inscriptions, sketches, and even paintings have reemerged.

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Prendergast and African Americans

A work by Charles Prendergast was featured in a show at the museum through April 22nd 2012, African Americans and the American Scene.

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