Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Category: Archival Collection

Information about archival objects that relate to Maurice and Charles Prendergast including letters, photographs, diaries, and personal artifacts.

Sketches and notes in the Prendergast Book Collection

Ravenna: Artistic Italy, Vol. 2

Our next photo session begins on Monday, March 4, 2013. In preparation I’ve been looking through the pages of the Prendergast book collection in search of notations, inscriptions, and sketches as well as interesting images for the photographers to shoot.

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First Photo Shoot of the New Year!


We now have 104 images of books from the Prendergast Study Center. The collection ranges in date from 1666 through 1953 and covers a wide variety of topics including travel guides and maps of Italy and France, exhibition catalogs, works from well-known authors such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Virgil, Hugo, Shakespeare, Milton and Cicero, as well as several books on art.

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Charles Prendergast: Behind the Scenes


We are now in the midst of digitizing Charles Prendergast’s tools. Take a look, then check back in the future as we digitize more objects connected to the behind-the-scenes artistic processes of the Prendergasts!

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Prendergast Subject Browser

Rialto, Venice. Watercolor by Maurice Brazil Prendergast , 86.18.79

We have a new feature on the Prendergast section of our online collection database and that is the “Prendergast Subject Browser”. We hope that you enjoy exploring the museum’s Prendergast collection, and that it expands your understanding of the locations, themes, and landscape features that relate to the works.

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Prendergast & Assyrian Reliefs

Envelope for Letter from Maurice Prendergast to Charles Prendergast, Venice November 1911

Maurice Brazil Prendergast wrote in his letters to his brother Charles from 1911 about his interactions with Lady Layard in Venice, widow of Sir Austen Henry Layard, the donor of the Assyrian reliefs here at the museum.

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