Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Category: Archival Collection

Information about archival objects that relate to Maurice and Charles Prendergast including letters, photographs, diaries, and personal artifacts.

Prendergast Digitization Complete

Prendergast Image Collage

4862 high resolution digital files

2433 fine art and archival objects

330 scanned exhibition images

Three years

One grant

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Prendergast Archive and Study Center Now On Pinterest!

The Prendergast Archive and Study Center’s Pinterest account features images of both fine art and archival materials that were digitized as part of the IMLS digitization grant.

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Newly Digitized Exhibition Installation Images

We have recently digitized and added over 7,350 exhibition and education related images to our database. These images range in date from 1942 to 2005 and represent over 350 different exhibitions and over fifteen different education related programs.

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Finding Aids for Prendergast Archival Material

Two new finding aids for archival material from the Prendergast Archive and Study Center are now available. The Charles and Maurice Prendergast Personal Photo Collection and the The Eugénie Prendergast Book Collection can be accessed through WCMA’s Prendergast Archive and Study Center webpage and WCMA’s online collection database.

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Final Photo Shoot

Charels Prendergast Name Plate

Pivot Media has completed its final in-house photo shoot for the Institute of Museum and Library Services Prendergast digitization project grant. This photo shoot session signifies the culmination of year two of the Prendergast digitization project, meaning that we are right on track as we begin the third and final year.

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Postcards for the Prendergasts!

Winter Drawing by André Smith

We have now finished digitizing correspondence files, which included post cards, letters, and personal documents. In addition to written notes and letters, we have also uncovered hand-made cards with drawings and poems from some of the Prendergasts’ closest friends. Some of the most interesting and amusing of these cards are from artist friends Charles Hovey Pepper and André Smith.

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Journals, Correspondence, Postcards, and Address Books

Postcard of Hotel de la Cote d'Or

We are now in the process of digitizing Maurice and Charles Prendergast’s correspondence, diaries, and address books. Among the recently digitized items are letters from Charles Hovey Pepper, Walter Pach, John Singer Sargent, and William Glackens and his family members as well as letters between the two brothers.

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Never Before Revealed Photographs and Personal Items!

The personal photo collection of Charles and Maurice Prendergast has now been digitized and made available on our website. This collection dates back to 1877 and includes photos of the Prendergast brothers as well as their family members and friends

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Engraved Plates, Figurines, and a Voodoo doll

Engraved Plate

We now have images of some of Charles and Eugénie Prendergast’s personal belongings including two of his original engraved plates, Indian Figurines, a voodoo doll and iron cherubs that were likely collected during their travels.

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A Look Inside the Prendergast Book Collection

We now have digital images of ephemera such as postcards, pressed flowers, and newspaper clippings, as well as sketches, inscriptions, and notations that were found on the pages of the Prendergast book collection.

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