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Ghana ThinkTank

WCMA and Ghana ThinkTank are turning the tables to confront climate change.

September 2016–May 2017

Ghana ThinkTank is an international collective that “develops the first world” by flipping conventional power dynamics. The artists collect problems in communities throughout the US and Europe, and send them to citizen think tanks they’ve created in “developing” countries. These think tanks propose solutions that are then implemented in the “first world.” What follows is a range of interventions and exchanges that reveal blind spots, challenge cultural assumptions, and turn the idea of expertise on its head.

At Williams, Ghana ThinkTank will collaborate with our community in a year-long examination of climate change. This fall, they’ll operate a mobile unit to collect problems on campus and beyond, and then send them to think tanks in Morocco and Indonesia. The resulting solutions will be put into action next spring. Check back to follow the project as it unfolds.

Artist Talk
Meet Ghana ThinkTank
Thursday, Sept 15, 7 pm
Carmen Montoya and Christopher Robbins share their process, launch the project, and introduce the team.

Close Look
How does climate change affect YOU?
Thursday, Sept 29, 4 pm
Think tanks in Indonesia and Morocco await your response. Curator Sonnet Coggins and Terence Washington MA ’17 will fire up the mobile unit to collect your climate change problems and update you on the unfolding project.

Press Release PDF

Ghana ThinkTank website.

This project received generous support from the Compton Foundation.