Art and Neuroscience

Landscapes of the Mind is one of several exhibitions in the last few years that have explored the connections between neuroscience and art. Suzanne Anker and Giovanni Frazzetto recently published an article in the prestigious journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience (November 2009) defining the influence of neuroscience findings into the public consciousness as “neuroculture.”

We see Landscapes of the Mind as a continuation of the dialogue between these two creative fields. It is understandable and valuable for society that artists are interpreting findings from neuroscience laboratories and making them more accessible to the general public in their conversion to art objects. What is less clear is whether neuroscience research will be moved to new hypotheses or new directions after exposure to the art created by these “neuroartists.”

What do you think?

– Betty Zimmerberg, Professor of Psychology and co-curator of Landscapes of the Mind

Above image: Susan Aldworth (British, b. 1955), Brainscape 18, 2006; etching and aquatint on paper. Collection of the artist.

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