Warhol by the Book

March 7, 2015 - August 16, 2015

“The implicit message of ‘Warhol By the Book’—a show at once weightless and massive, opaque and revelatory–is to affirm what a literary sensibility its subject had.”Boston Globe


Andy Warhol lived and breathed books. From his student days in the 1940s to his death in 1987, Warhol experimented wildly with form and content, turning traditional notions of media and authorship on their heads. He co-produced a satirical cookbook mocking fashionable French recipes; held coloring parties for crowdsourcing his own promotional books; and designed a pop-up “children’s book for hipsters” featuring sound recordings, holograms, and a do-it-yourself nose job.

Warhol by the Book is organized by The Andy Warhol Museum, one of four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. The first US exhibition to focus on Warhol’s book work, it features more than 400 objects including unique and unpublished materials, and highlights WCMA’s important holdings given by Richard F. Holmes ’46.

The exhibition debuts at WCMA and will travel to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh where it will be on view from October 9, 2015-January 10, 2016.

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Warhol &

Paired perspectives on Warhol’s eclectic creative life

Warhol & Collecting Books

Thursday, Aug 6, 4 pm
Cake and a toast to Warhol’s birthday on the patio to follow
Andreas Brown, Book dealer and former proprietor of Gotham Book Mart

Kathryn Price, Curator of Collections at WCMA

Celebrate Warhol’s birthday with a distinguished bibliophile. Brown and Price consider the legacy of Warhol’s book work, the lure and collectability of books, the book as art object, and Brown’s experiences running a bookshop.

Warhol & the 1950s

Thursday, July 23, 4 pm
Drinks and mingling on the patio to follow
Nina Schleif, Terra Foundation Senior Fellow, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Blake Gopnik, Warhol biographer and New York Times contributor

Schleif and Gopnik explore Warhol’s career as a commercial artist in New York in the 1950s. They will highlight recent discoveries made in their research about his experimental early work.


Warhol & Pop

Thursday, July 9, 4 pm
Drinks and mingling on the patio to follow
C. Ondine Chavoya, Professor of Art and Schumann Faculty Fellow in Democratic Studies, Williams College

Thomas Crow, Rosalie Solow Professor of Modern Art, and Associate Provost for the Arts, New York University

Chavoya and Crow discuss the rise of Pop Art and Warhol’s place at its center. They’ll share views on 1960s counterculture, the folk revival, Woody Guthrie, the Factory, the Velvet Underground, and more.


Warhol & Infiltrated Publishing

Tuesday, Apr 28, 6 pm
Drinks and mingling to follow
Lucy Mulroney, Interim Senior Director and Curator of Special Collections at Syracuse University Libraries
Christopher Cerf, Author, composer, producer, and former Warhol collaborator

Stories from the publishing world invoke a Warhol who infiltrated mainstream channels with his counterculture spirit. Mulroney and Cerf share Warhol’s proclivity for co-opting the rigid structures to produce books like his Index (Book), a pop-up “children’s book for hipsters”.

Warhol & Cookbooks

Tuesday, Apr 7, 6pm
Drinks and mingling to follow
Susan Rossi-Wilcox, Culinary historian
Darra Goldstein, Professor of Russian and Founding Editor of Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture

Rossi-Wilcox and Goldstein read between the lines of illustrated recipes with a look at a mid-century culture clash. Wild Raspberries, the cookbook Warhol produced with socialite Suzie Frankfurt, serves up satire as it mocks the post-war desire to cultivate a European lifestyle and aesthetic through food.

Warhol & the Stuff of Books

Friday, Mar 6, 6 pm
Drinks, food, and mingling to follow
Matt Wrbican, Chief Archivist at the Warhol Museum and curator of Warhol by the Book
Kathryn Price, Curator of Collections at WCMA

The pair talk shop about Warhol’s lifelong collecting obsession with books. They share discoveries unearthed wading through the vast stuff of Warhol’s career and delve into the full range of his roles from author and illustrator to designer, publisher, and promoter.


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