July 3, 2014 - September 13, 2014

Williams Art Loan for Living Spaces

Browse the collection
Check out a special collection of original artworks destined for student dorm rooms. Catch it before students do what we all wish to do: take the art home.

Get in Line to Pick up Your Art
September 14, 9 am
Cézanne or Christo? A 16th-century woodcut or a 2012 photograph? If you want it, get in line.  It’s first come, first choice for Williams students.  Be outside WCMA, rain or shine by 9 am.

Find the entire collection and the full scoop on WALLS at wcmawalls.williams.edu.

This initiative is made possible by the Fulkerson Fund for Leadership in the Arts, established by Allan W. Fulkerson ’54.