Human head emerging from monster jaws, Mayan, Belize, Corozal, Late Classic, 600-900 CE, limestone coated with stucco with traces of blue and red polychrome. _x1200

Not Set in Stone: Architectural Fragments from the Collection

July 29, 2016 - Ongoing

Not Set in Stone brings together a range of architectural fragments from the museum’s collection. We have limited information about these objects and the many facets of their lives, from physical sites to varied interpretations. This exhibition provides an active research space for students and scholars, and opens the process of inquiry to the public as we share new discoveries.

Close Look
Thursday, Nov 3, 4 pm
Walk through the exhibition with curator Elizabeth Gallerani. Hear about the objects’ origins,  such as a connection to the Williams College Lyceum of Natural History, founded as a secret society in 1835.