Unknown, (Mexican, Chiapas, Lacandon), Grotesque incense burner, 20th century, ceramic. Williams College Museum of Art, Gift of Herbert D. N. Jones, Class of 1914. (21.1.10)_x1200

Teaching with Art: The Art and Archaeology of Maya Civilization

September 24, 2011 - February 5, 2012

Professor Antonia Foias, an authority in Maya ceramics, selected eight objects from the museum’s collection as exemplars for study. She grouped the objects thematically based on their original use—architectural decoration, incense burners, pots, and musical instruments. Professor Foias organized this exhibition to support her two fall courses:  Anthropology 103, “Pyramids, Bones, and Sherds: What is Archaeology?” and Art History 209 (cross listed as Anthropology 219), “The Art and Archaeology of Maya Civilization: A Marriage Made in Xibalba.” Students in these courses will study the objects closely throughout the semester.