George Inness (American, 1825–1894) Twilight, ca. 1860, oil on canvas, Williams College Museum of Art, Gift of Cyrus P. Smith, Class of 1918, in memory of his father, B. Herbert Smith, Class of 1885(79.66)_x1200

The Gallery of Crossed Destinies

April 7, 2011 - December 4, 2011

The Gallery of Crossed Destinies is part of the museum’s reinstallation project, Reflections on a Museum, which looks at “the museum” as its subject. In The Gallery of Crossed Destinies it is the people and perspectives—not the artworks—that change.  Four individuals from the community have been invited to reinstall the same small “collection” of 25 objects into their own distinct exhibitions. In this way, The Gallery of Crossed Destinies is a microcosm of the entire collection reinstallation and re-presentation project, examining the process by which objects are arranged and exhibited in a museum setting.

The schedule for guest curators follows below.  Closed installations are videotaped and may be viewed via a module in the gallery.

Chad Therrien, Florist, Mt. Williams Greenhouses
February 3—April 10, 2011

9th grade students at Mt. Greylock Regional High School
April 30—June 26, 2011

Jenny Gersten, Artistic Director, Williamstown Theatre Festival
July 16—September 11, 2011

Aaron Kelton, Head Football Coach, Williams College
October 8—December 4, 2011