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Reflections on a Museum Now Open

The museum’s reinstallation project is complete and ready for all to see! Two years in the making, Reflections on a Museum is a re-presentation of the museum’s collection with the additional treat of 50 masterpieces on loan from the Yale University Art Gallery. Eight exhibitions approach the “museum” as subject in different ways. In doing so, the galleries raise fascinating questions about the function and meaning of art across time and cultures and the role of museums in shaping our understanding of art.

The dialogue begins with you: We invite you to visit the museum and share your thoughts here. Post a comment or question about the project as a whole, a specific exhibition, or your favorite work of art. What do museums mean to you?

Photo by John Carasone.


One Response to Reflections on a Museum Now Open

  1. Zach says:

    I like the question at the end of your post, what do museums mean to me, its something I hadn’t really thought about until it was asked.