Elmer Nelson Bischoff, (American, 1916-1991), Country Room, 1957, oil on canvas, Williams College Museum of Art, Bequest of Lawrence H. Bloedel, Class of 1923. (77.9.32)_x1200

LeWitt Video and Gallery Talk

On Thursday October 11 at 4:30, stop into the museum for a Gallery Talk and Performance Sol LeWitt: The Well-Tempered Grid, featuring Robert Sterling Clark Professor of Art History and exhibition curator, Charles W. ‘Mark’ Haxthausen, and Associate Professor of Music, Ed Gollin, who will explore the affinity between LeWitt’s systematic artistry and Bach’s musical structure through discussion and live musical performances by Edwin Lawrence, Artist Associate in Piano, Harpsichord and Organ.

Also, Haxthausen discusses LeWitt in the following video. LeWitt used a grid as the underlying structural principle when he made his first wall drawings in 1968. Thereafter, the grid became a pervasive matrix in all of the media in which LeWitt worked. Check it out!

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