Prendergast Archive and Study Center

Prendergast Archive and Study Center

History of the Study Center


Symposium: “The Prendergast Lectures: Topics in American Art Charles Sheeler”, Saturday April 25, 1987. [Brochure PDF]

Symposium: “The Prendergasts and the Arts & Crafts Movement”, October 8, 1988-January 8, 1989. [Brochure PDF]

Symposium: “American Drawings 1850-1930: Traditions and Contradictions”, April 7, 1990. [Brochure PDF]

Symposium: “Maurice Prendergast & His Times”, October 6, 1990. [Brochure PDF].

Symposium: “Watercolors and Conservation: Turn-of-the-century Materials & Techniques”, October 26, 1991. [Brochure PDF]

Symposium: “Charles Prendergast and the taste for Ancient and Innocent Art in the Early 20th Century”, October 23, 1993. [Brochure PDF].

Symposium: “Modernism 1900-1950: Worlds Colliding”, October 29, 1994. [Brochure PDF].

Symposium: “Building Themes: Art and Architecture at Williams”, April 13, 1996. [Brochure PDF].

Symposium: “Partners and Promoters: Artists’, Husbands and Wives”, October 26, 1996. [Brochure PDF]

Symposium: “Object Lessons: The Art of the Teaching Museum. A Symposium in Honor of Laine S. Faison, Jr.”, October 25, 1997. [Brochure PDF]

Symposium: “Coming to America: Graphic Designer Emigrants And Exiles”, October 31, 1998. [Brochure PDF]

Symposium: “Race, Education , and the Arts: Carrie Mae Weems and The Hampton Project,” April 29, 2000. [Brochure PDF]

Symposium: “Hoppermania”, April 14, 2001. [Brochure PDF]