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WCMA and Women

As an art major here at Williams College, I have taken advantage of the many resources available to students. One of the largest is of course the Williams College Museum of Art, whose collection has complemented my class work so well. As a young woman, I have also been inspired by the influential women who have helped mold the museum and its collection into what it is today.

Katherine E. Hurd, an art collector from New York City, donated a large…

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Handbook Highlight: Equivocal Colors

Yves Tanguy's Equivocal Colors

Yves Tanguy’s piece Equivocal Colors brings the artist’s own enigmatic nature to life. Largely a painter of the ambiguous and uncertain, Tanguy’s artistic vision was rich with conflict. He saw the world as blending the concrete and abstract together simultaneously.

Thus, his painting Equivocal Colors is a tangible example of his thought process. The painting is a collage of disparate, morphed shapes (egg-like, circular, smooth, rigid, long, chunky, triangular, spiraled), witch mixes with a…

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Handbook Highlight: Jackie

Andy Warhol's Jackie

Anyone old enough to recall the date November 22, 1963 remembers exactly where they were when the news broke that President Kennedy had been assassinated. The tragic incident sparked a flooding of images in the media, many incited fear, many compassion, but only a few have become iconic. The images used in Andy Warhol’s Jackie (one of which is depicted above) are some of the few.

At the time of her husband’s presidency, Jackie Onassis was ubiquitous…

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Handbook Highlight: Twilight

George Inness' Twilight

George Inness’ Twilight, now on view in the 1935 Gallery post-museum reinstallation, is not only a highlight of the Williams College Museum of Art’s collection, but is also a treasure of a landscape. The brilliance of the sunset, the reds, pinks, purples, and yellows collide to create a cloud pattern at sun’s descent (or ascent), and it is a gorgeous sight to behold. Inness infuses each break in the branches, each crack in the…

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