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Bringing the Classroom to the Museum


 Upon entering the room, you are met with an abundance of pieces hung salon style and art in every direction you look. In this gallery, you can see how art can relate to every discipline. Prints, photographs, paintings, drawings and sculptures are on display – a little something for everyone. Some of these objects are widely used and loved while others are making their debut in this exhibition.

Object Lab is a pilot exhibition series that has 64 pieces on display and caters to ten specific courses offering a…

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Behind the Scenes of Luce

Luce in Kroh

WCMA received a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to digitize, condition assess, and make curatorial improvements for a large group (about 2,000!) of American paintings, prints, and drawings. The project is almost a year in and we’re right on track with 1,099 pieces– including some of our largest paintings — digitized and their condition evaluated. The ultimate goal of the project is to make the pieces available for the public and scholars to view through the collection portion of our…

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WALLS Expansion

Titus Kaphur, to be titled, 2014

We asked Elliot Krasnopoler, MA ’15,  to give us some insight into his process for expanding the WALLS collection.

Why are we growing the WALLS collection?

The WALLS collection is made up of 90 original works of art that are lent out to students each semester to hang in their own dorms and apartments.  After three “sold out” semesters with long lines of students who did not get a work, we decided it was…

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Q&A with the Curator


We sat down with Max Boersma, graduate student and co-curator of The Loosening of Time: Maurice and Charles Prendegast and asked him a few questions about his experience working with WCMA’s Prendergast collection and curating a show.

How does this Prendergast show fit into what the WCMA usually chooses to exhibit? Is the show different from others?

The Prendergasts are a core part of WCMA’s collection and identity – in fact, their work has been included in over forty exhibitions since 1983! We aimed…

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The Trojans and Armor


Imagining the Trojan War is on view in the Weston Rotunda, the oldest part of the WCMA. This storied museum space houses a combination of ancient Greek artifacts and modern works that both depict the Greek art of the war and images of and related to the Trojan War.

The Trojan War is perhaps most famously recounted in The Illiad, Homer’s legendary tale of the titanic clash between Greeks and Troy. Amid the rotunda’s bright white columns, look for an array of documents that show the written tradition of The Illiad….

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Living Portraits on Screen

feature image screentests

Immerse yourself in the mind of Allen Ginsberg, Salvador Dalí, or Lou Reed among others through Andy Warhol’s signature Screen Tests.
Warhol was among the first artists to introduce video as a fine art form and he shot around 500 different Screen Tests, but not all were kept. Every test he shot was the same length, 100 feet of film, shot with the same 16mm video camera, and many were slowed down to just under four minutes for various compilations such as  13…

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Read into Warhol

feature image warhol library

Come and surround yourself with books and knowledge that influenced Andy Warhol! In a room inspired by Andy Warhol’s library, you will find shelf after shelf of mismatched books, from classic novels to comedic shorts. In an odd twist, these books are shelved with the spine inward introducing chance into your journey through Andy Warhol’s mind. This is an opportunity to step into Warhol’s shoes and form a deeper connection with the celebrity artist. Sit down and absorb the peaceful atmosphere or have a quiet…

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WCMA is on its way to your WALLS

Marc Chagall (Russian, 1887-1985), La Creation, 1960, color lithograph. Student Art Loan Program, Museum Purchase, Fulkerson Fund for Leadership in the Arts_x500

Maybe you’ve already heard whispers around campus about WALLS, WCMA’s new student art loan program. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and are happy to report some new and exciting developments.

First off, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve finished the selection process for this first iteration of the program and have a total of 90 original works of art that will comprise the WALLS collection. Thanks to the Fulkerson Fund for Leadership in the Arts and additional contributions…

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Whither the Witkin?

You may have wondered what’s been going on with a big metal sculpture that disappeared from its spot by Greylock Quad.

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In Fine Style

Chasuble fragments, Italian, 1420-1500, silk, velvet. Anonymous gift.

This summer I acquired the book In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion by Anna Reynolds, illustrated with paintings from the Royal Collection in Great Britain. I always research current books on clothing and costume history even if it is not a particular period that I need to study for an upcoming theatre production.

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