Williams Public Art Class

On Sunday November 20, 2011 Lisa Corrin’s public art class rolled out of bed at a disgustingly early 7:00 to meet for a day dedicated to art. We had two worthy destinations, Storm King and Dia: Beacon. With naps in the car we were ready to experience what we had talked about for weeks in the classroom.

View Overlooking Storm King_x400

Our first impression of Storm King was the view from the top of the hill outside the visitor’s center. It didn’t take very long into our visit to discover that Storm King is all about scale. From the hill Mark di Suvero’s sculptures look like small orange toothpicks balanced against each other. However, when we got closer, we realized how impressively large the pieces really are. The vast amount of space at Storm King allows each piece to be experienced with the rest of the landscape including the mountains, the fields and of course the other pieces of the Storm King collection. Our experience was even more enhanced by spectacular weather and we were more than happy to explore works like Maya Lin’s Storm King Wavefield, Mark di Suvero’s Beethoven’s Quartet and Richard Serra’s Schunnemunk Fork at length.

Williams Class Running though Maya Lin's piece at Storm King_x400

At Dia, we were reminded of the fundamental questions of art. We were able to experience Robert Smithson’s Gravel Mirrors with Cracks and Dust, the Louise Bourgeois collection and Michael Heizer’s North, East, South, West. Amongst the amazing collection, our trip to Dia was highlighted by Richard Serra’s work. We yielded to the physical presence of Serra’s combined shapes, colors, textures and scale. With each work, the concepts we read about became personal experiences, observations and relationships to pieces.

The strategic combination of these two places was very impressive and influential on our experience of public art, but the excursion concluded with a very quiet ride back to school; we slept.


Evalynn Rosado, Williams ‘12


Above Photos by Evalynn Rosado
Top: The view overlooking Storm King.
Below: The class running though Maya Lin’s piece at Storm King.







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