WALLS Interview #2

In February, WCMA launched Williams Art Loan for Living Spaces (WALLS). Williams students borrowed one of 90 artworks to have as a roommate for the entire spring 2014 semester. Dana Hogan ’16 is asking WALLS participants about their experiences.

Student: Emily Dugdale, Class of 2014
Majors: Political Science and International Studies (Concentration)

Emily Dugdale with her artwork_x500

Emily Dugdale with her WALLS artwork. Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (b.1746), Otros Leyes por el Pueblo (Other Laws for the People), 1877, etching. Museum Purchase, Fulkerson Fund for Leadership in the Arts.

How did you select your artwork?

I saw it in the WALLS exhibition before the selection event, and from the start I really wanted it because of the elephant. I just love elephants – as you can see, I have several other elephants in my room. I also love Goya; I studied abroad in Spain and even visited Goya’s grave!

Were you considering any other artworks?

I really didn’t have a back-up plan. I got to WCMA at 6:30 am on the selection day, and I basically asked all ten people in front of me in line what artworks they wanted, and I told them I really wanted the Goya. No one else said they wanted the elephant, so I was pretty sure I was going to get it.

Have you named your elephant?

I have not…if I did, he’d probably be named Goya Jr.!

How has living with your artwork been?

So far it’s been great, though the first few weeks the artwork was perched on my windowsill, because I lost my Command strips. I got more eventually! I love it, I just love having artwork in my room.

The installation process went smoothly after that?

Absolutely – I’ve worked with Command strips before for art projects, so I know how important it is to read and follow the directions. I know that it was tricky for some people, but I’m comfortable working with the strips, so it’s finally secure on my wall.

 How was your experience with the pilot of WALLS?

It was great! It was really cool to see what everyone else was picking. I thought it was very well-organized – the space was uncrowded and it was an overall fun, wonderful project.

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