WALLS Interview #1

In February, WCMA launched Williams Art Loan for Living Spaces (WALLS). Williams students borrowed one of 90 artworks to have as a roommate for the entire spring 2014 semester. Dana Hogan ’16 is asking WALLS participants about their experiences. Here’s her first interview.

Student: Chloé Pulido, Class of 2016
Major: Art History & Japanese

Chloé Pulido with her WALLS artwork_x450

Chloé Pulido with her WALLS artwork. Mamma Andersson & Jockum Nordström (Swedish, b. 1962) & (Swedish, b. 1963), Faces, 2010, aquatint and soft ground etching. Museum Purchase, Fulkerson Fund for Leadership in the Arts.

How did you select your artwork?

I went to the exhibit beforehand and looked at the catalog, thinking that I wanted something… “stuffier”—one of the more well known, formal pieces like the etchings or maybe the Durer. Then I saw this piece, which is contemporary Swedish—not stuffy at all. I liked it immediately. A friend and I looked at it together, and I knew that this was the piece I wanted…it’s crazy that I actually did get it!

Did you do the lottery and/or wait outside WCMA?

I did the lottery. I had no idea how many students would want to stand outside, so it seemed like a good idea. I did show up to wait at WCMA, but by 8 am I knew I wasn’t going to get a spot, so I went and hung out with a friend in East. By that point, a lot of people gave up because it was so cold. Miraculously, all of my friends got pieces!

That’s wonderful. What did your friends think of your artwork?

My friends were teasing me about it being one of the last 8 pieces available. They were joking that nobody wanted it, and yet it was my top choice. I think it’s so cute!

Tell me about living with this artwork in your room.

I was afraid I would never be able to hang it up! It’s really hard to hang a framed picture on the exposed brick in Bryant. Eventually, the carpenter came – not only did it fit well in my room physically, it perfectly fit into my room aesthetically. I placed it across from pictures of the [Florence] Duomo and The Met—Art History and home. It’s not too serious…it’s whimsical. I like my room to be sweet and cozy.

What would you like to see in the next round of WALLS?

I know this is kind of impossible, but it was amazing that as students we could get our hands on things by more canonical artists…it would be great to have more access to those works. At the same time, more interaction with contemporary artists would be good exposure for both the artists and the viewers. I really enjoyed this year’s WALLS. It was like a mini art auction…very exciting, and a little stressful!

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