Kota Ezawa (German, b. 1969); The Unbearable Lightness of Being, 2005; DVD. Courtesy of Murray Guy, New York. x1200

The Gallery of Crossed Destinies

Photo by Bill Matthiesen






Last time you saw The Gallery of Crossed Destinies, it was the vision of local florist, Chad Therrien. Since The Gallery of Crossed Destinies is unique in the sense that it is the people and perspectives—not the artworks—that change, you will now find a completely new exhibition curated by 16 ninth graders from Mount Greylock High School. They began the process with color reproductions of the 25 objects, and decided to organize the artwork into thematic categories based on the emotions they felt the artworks elicited. After visiting the museum, they were surprised by the sizes of many of the artworks, as well as the impact of seeing the gallery space and the art in person. One student reflected, “It gave me a much better appreciation for what curatorial work is – what you have to do, and what you have to think about. One of the surprises was how much you can learn from an artwork just from working with it for a while” (Aaron Ziemer). The show is entitled, The Art of Emotion, and explores feelings like sadness, temptation, serenity, and triumph. Rather than writing labels to explain their interpretations of the artwork, the students chose to have visitors develop their own interpretations. The exhibition presents only evocative quotes from historical figures, as well as subtle touches of color to suggest emotional themes. The Art of Emotion will be on view through June 26, 2011.

The Gallery of Crossed Destinies also offers an interactive module that allows visitors to see the gallery’s previous installation. Visitors are encouraged to look back and see how the past installation is different than the current one. The module will archive all four installations so that visitors can see each one in conversation with each other.

Above: Photo by Bill Matthiesen.

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