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Double L Excentric Gyratory II on campus

George Rickey’s Double L Excentric Gyratory II is now the latest public art installation at Williams.   A graceful, 30-foot-high kinetic sculpture, the artwork features two 18-foot long stainless steel “L”s. This is the first purchase from the Class of 1961’s Public Art Fund.

The piece is easily seen by those driving along Main Street, right next to the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance.  The “L”s are supported by a small “Y” jack and shift in a series of subtly smooth movements. One moment rigid, cool, erect, the next fluid and soaring, the sculpture comes as close as Rickey ever did to implying the human body in one of his works, while its scale ensures an active dialogue with campus architecture.



7 Responses to Double L Excentric Gyratory II on campus

  1. Nice sculpture! I think it is a very creative design, and I love the fact that moves. Moving sculptures have always been an interest of mine. Thanks for the video.

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    • Suzanne Silitch says:

      Don’t worry — it is coming! We’ll have posts soon about various works on campus and we’re developing a special “mini-site” that will tell you all about all the work on campus. Keep an eye out for it in September!

  3. Panama Homes says:

    This is very unique piece. Moving or not, it is a fine example and it is great that it is in a school campus for students to admire. Nice job!

  4. New York Contractor says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by outdoor sculptures. I think it’s a great way to expose every day people with art, that they would otherwise never experience.

  5. Scommesse Sportive says:

    That’s an interesting work, I wonder if there’s a meaning beyond the choice of the “L”s and Y or if the’ve been chosen just for their benefits for the movements of the entire sculpture…

  6. David Deming says:

    I live & work in town. I really love this piece! Thanks !