Gregory Crewdson, Untitled, winter 2007, Archival inkjet print. Museum purchase, Kathryn Hurd Fund. © Gregory Crewdson. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery.

Interested in the arts? Blog about it!

Share your opinions and read about student art experiences at the new WCMA blog section for students, Eph Expressions! Submit photos of personal artwork, reflections on WCMA galleries, and more! We’ll be bringing you posts every week featuring student artists on campus, as well as news pertaining to WCMA collections and artists and curators who are connected to Williams. Show us how you get involved with art around campus!

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Brought to you by Emily Dugdale ’14 (ed4), Kate Flanagan ’14 (kgf1), Melany Funes ’14 (msf2) and Robin Gimm ’14 (rmg1) of the Student Advisory Committee at WCMA.

Poster by Robin Gimm.

One Response to Interested in the arts? Blog about it!

  1. Joe D Morgan says:

    Not a student, but I strongly encourage participation in the arts. Recently I took my 85 year old father to an art museum. I did not know at the time that he had never set foot in a museum or art gallery in his life. After our tour, with tears in his eyes he thanked me for giving him a chance to see the beautiful artwork.

    From that day forward I have viewed all artistic works with a new eye.