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Handbook Highlight: Equivocal Colors

Yves Tanguy's Equivocal Colors

Yves Tanguy’s piece Equivocal Colors brings the artist’s own enigmatic nature to life. Largely a painter of the ambiguous and uncertain, Tanguy’s artistic vision was rich with conflict. He saw the world as blending the concrete and abstract together simultaneously.

Thus, his painting Equivocal Colors is a tangible example of his thought process. The painting is a collage of disparate, morphed shapes (egg-like, circular, smooth, rigid, long, chunky, triangular, spiraled), witch mixes with a bevy of both powerful and soft colors (red, green, gray, black, orange, yellow, silver, turquoise), and it meshes them all together to evoke an emotional response. It brings the spatial reality into a dream world where the unreality becomes a real, living thing.

And while cataloging colors and shapes cannot do Tanguy’s painting justice, viewing it can. One look and you can see how Equivocal Colors creates within oneself the same enigmatic poignancy that Tanguy experienced.

One Response to Handbook Highlight: Equivocal Colors

  1. Sasha T. says:

    He was definitely a very interesting artist,with his own unique style, even though he came out of the cubist/surrealist movement. The use of all the neutral colors really bring to life the use of color, even though so much of it is low chroma.