From LA to Williamstown: Asco is coming our way!

Asco: Elite of the Obscure, A Retrospective, 1972–1987 is now on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and will head on its way to WCMA this February! Asco, the 1970’s Chicano art group is known for their public art, including their contemporary take on traditional Mexican murals.

The Chicano group and their work have been getting lots of press coverage over the past couple of months. A post on the Los Angeles Times blog Culture Monster reports that a permanent mural is being created by one of the four primary Asco members, Willie Herron III. The mural is slated for 4125 City Terrace Drive, just off Interstate 10 south of Cal State L.A. and is scheduled for completion in late October.

Asco took the Mexican tradition of mural painting, and put a twist on it, creating public pieces that speak about relevant social issues. In an age where public painting often comes in the form of grafiti, Asco murals strike an interesting medium between the rough elegance of street art and sophisticated portrayal of Latino/a social marginalization and bondage in the United States. The retrospective exhibition is starting to attract global coverage. Here is an article from the Spanish language news site BBC Mundo.

We are excited to welcome this artistic perspective to our community and hope that you will make your way over to WCMA to enjoy it with us in February!





2 Responses to From LA to Williamstown: Asco is coming our way!

  1. Olene Vidinha says:

    Anyone who enjoys these murals should make a trip to Tucson sometime. We have some incredible murals depicting Hispanic culture today and past.

  2. Handmade Jewelry says:

    I especially like Willie Herron’s “Plumed Serpant” as featured on the Culture Monster blog. Very nice artwork!