Coach Aaron Kelton in the Gallery of Crossed Destinies

Williams College Head Football Coach Aaron Kelton, has been meeting with WCMA staff in order to organize the space for his debut as a guest curator. The exhibition, A View from the Coach’s Seat, in The Gallery of Crossed Destinies, will be on view October 8 through December 4, 2011. There will be an exhibition reception, Monday Football & Art “Pep Rally” on Monday October 24, 2011 from 4:00–6:00 p.m.

Coach Kelton is the final of four guest curators invited by the museum to organize the exhibition in The Gallery of Crossed Destinies. The other guest curators were local florist Chad Therrien, a group of high school students from Mt. Greylock Regional High School, and Williamstown Theatre Festival Artistic Director Jenny Gersten. Each guest curator was asked to create their own narratives from a miniature “collection” of 25 artworks. They each responded to the same objects to conceive a distinct exhibition, determining every aspect of presentation from art placement to wall text. Each exhibition explores how objects evoke stories and how these narratives change depending on how they are presented and who presents them.


Here is Coach Kelton with some of the museum staff.

CoachKelton in Gallery Of Crossed Destinies_x345

Looking at some of the chosen art works, and the space they will occupy in the Gallery of Crossed Destinies.


A profile of Coach Kelton examining the space.


Referring to his notes, thinking hard and making tough decisions!

When asked what his experience as a curator has been like, he responded, “This opportunity has been both very educational and extremely stimulating. As a coach we are often results-driven and lacking in creativity. This project has helped me to expand my creativity and will assist me in improving my ability to strategize as a coach.” Kelton said, “I tried to look at the artwork as I do different parts of my profession and how these different parts influence me daily.  As a coach, I thought of how the art reflected my thoughts about athletics and how that perspective could influence and motivate the average person or fan. I believe that sharing my view of the exhibit as a guest curator will give fans a better understanding of a coach’s ability to lead and bring athletes to reach their full potential.”


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