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Brancusi at WCMA

For the first time ever, Williams College Art History 101 students have the opportunity to enjoy in person a work of art by Constantin Brancusi (Romanian, 1876-1957), one of Professor E.J. Johnson’s favorite artists. Now on view at the museum, Mlle. Pogany II (1925) is on loan from the Yale University Art Gallery so that students and faculty can enjoy an important part of art history. The bronze piece, like much of Brancusi’s work, reduces the subject to its most essential contours. The resulting abstraction is sleek and contrasts starkly with the limestone base that Brancusi designed as part of the work. WCMA encourages all current and former Art History 101 students to come see the sculpture and experience the pure beauty that Professor Johnson loves.

Above image: Constantin Brancusi (Romanian, 1876-1957), Mlle. Pogany II, 1919, cast 1925; polished bronze. Yale University Art Gallery, The Katharine Ordway Collection.

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