Whither the Witkin?

You may have wondered what’s been going on with a big metal sculpture that disappeared from its spot by Greylock Quad.


Photo of sculpture loaded onto a flatbed truck

The Witkin on its way to Pittsfield for some TLC

The American sculptor Isaac Witkin’s (1936-2006) steel piece Succoth (1975, Gift of Jacques and Donatella Lennon 91.2.1) recently reappeared after a short trip to Pittsfield, where its surface was gently stripped and primed. Now, a conservator from the Williamstown Art Conservation Center is reapplying paint to its surface to return the work (as closely as possible) to its original state. The first coat of paint, called the primer, has just been completed.

The Witkin all primed and ready for another coat

The Witkin all primed and ready for another coat

Stay tuned for another update when conservation is complete. In the meantime, to read up on the South-African born and British-trained Witkin and his ties to Bennington and Color Field artists, see our “Public Art at Williams” web module:



Jane Becker, WCMA blogger

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