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Where Crossed Destinies Meet

One of the highlights of the reinstallation has been the transformation of the 1935 Gallery. For the first time since the early 90s, the magnificent tall windows have been opened up and the results are glorious. The influx of light into the gallery casts dramatic shadows and a vibrant exchange of colors, constantly adjusting throughout the day. The new perspective of the room merits a visit to the museum all by itself.

To coincide with the uncovering of the windows, the gallery itself has been opened up to an enthusiastic group of community curators. The result is The Gallery of Crossed Destinies, an exhibition that is a microcosm of the entire collection reinstallation and re-presentation project. Museum staff, with the help of graduate student Miriam Stanton G’11, have worked long and hard to recruit a diverse cross section of the community to try their hand at curating a select group of 25 objects for display.

The current layout is provided by Chad Therrien, a local florist, who took his inspiration for the exhibition from the opening of the windows. Chad has a lot of experience in working with sunlight to create memorable displays, as the precise placement of light is vital to the plants he cultivates. When you step into the gallery, you will immediately appreciate his impressive skill in arrangement.

Chad’s exhibition will be up through April 10. Next spring, a group of 9th graders from a social studies class at Mt. Greylock Regional High School will be invited to make their placements. In the summer, the new Artistic Director for the Williamstown Theatre Festival will give her aesthetic touch. To close out the year, a local athletic coach will provide vision for the gallery for the fall.

Above: Chad Therrien directs the placement of Country Room for The Gallery of Crossed Destinies

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