Julie Mehretu (American, b. 1970); Stadia II, 200; ink and acrylic on canvas. Copyright 2007 Julie Mehretu. Photo credit: Richard Stoner. Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh; Gift of Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and Nicholas Rohatyn and A.W. Mellon Acquisition Endowment Fund. x1200

A Week in the Rose Study Gallery

What happens behind the locked door off the WCMA atrium? This room is the Rose Study Gallery, our object-study classroom. Professors teach with works of art from storage that are arranged in a mini-exhibition just for their class. The Rose Study Gallery hosts a variety of courses and artworks throughout the year. Here is a sample week from November 2012 to give a sense of this variety.

Tuesday, November 27
Maria Elena Cepeda and Latina/o Studies 313
Race, Beauty, and Power in the Age of Transnational Media

“In my course on gender, race, beauty and power in the age of transnational media, we were fortunate enough to view Steve McCurry’s well-known National Geographic photograph The Afghan Girl, as well as examine key National Geographic issues related to the image.  Engaging these materials in person truly enabled students to develop a more concrete sense of the visual vocabulary that is so often attached to Arab, Arab American and/or Muslim womanhood.”


Wednesday, November 28
Christopher Bolton and Comparative Literature 231

“For a class on postmodernism, students read an essay contrasting the materiality of Jasper Johns’s work with the virtual quality of Andy Warhol’s. On the page these arguments (illustrated with tiny images) inevitably seem abstract. But when students stand in front of Johns lithograph or lean over a Warhol silkscreen, these theories suddenly become compellingly concrete. Students in my classes often do some of their best work of the semester in the Rose Study Gallery.”


Thursday, November 29
Anne Reinhardt and History 213
Modern China, 1600-Present

Looking closely at an album of Mao-era prints, Professor Reinhardt had students consider the range of subjects and how the prints fulfill the goals of socialism and the revolution. Students also analyzed contemporary Chinese artworks and how these works may reflect or comment upon the historical changes of the Reform Era.


Drew Thompson and Art History 229
From Analog to Digital: Historical Photography in Africa

Professor Thompson held sessions in the Rose Study Gallery on a regular basis throughout the semester. For this session, WCMA director Tina Olsen discussed acquisition procedures and WCMA criteria for bringing new works into the collection. Students then discussed contemporary photographs by Pieter Hugo, Keith Cottingham, and Vik Muniz.


Friday, November 30
Nicolas Tomczyk, Class of 2013

Nic is translating and researching 26 Soviet posters in our collection. Check out his November 2012 Art of the Month Club post about one of his favorite posters.


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