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On the Road with Professor Mike Glier

Prof. Mike Glier is on a road trip. From Botswana to Hawaii, New Zealand to Spain, his project Antipodes is taking him to the great outdoors to paint landscapes that are polar opposites. Antipodes is the third part of a larger outdoor painting project that, with Latitude and Along a Long Line, visual the earth in scientific measures, not political boundaries.

He writes, “I hope these projects create more compassion for the living world and that this sensitivity translates into improved…

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Interested in the arts? Blog about it!

Share your opinions and read about student art experiences at the new WCMA blog section for students, Eph Expressions! Submit photos of personal artwork, reflections on WCMA galleries, and more! We’ll be bringing you posts every week featuring student artists on campus, as well as news pertaining to WCMA collections and artists and curators who are connected to Williams. Show us how you get involved with art around campus!

Email ed4@williams.edu with questions or blog contributions.

Brought to you by Emily Dugdale ’14 (ed4), Kate Flanagan ’14…

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Art of the Month Club: President Adam Falk

Assyrian (1000-500 B.C.E), Guardian Spirit, from the Palace at Nimrud of Ashur-nasir-pal, ca. 880 BC, gypsum, Williams Cellege Museum of Art, Gift of Sir Austen Henry Layard through Dwight W. Marsh, Class of 1842. (1851.1)_x400

One of the most striking objects at WCMA is the enormous bas-relief of the King of Nimrud from the Iron Age of Man, approximately 900 B.C.E. To be in its presence is, for me, an extraordinary experience of being transported in space and time.

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New Web Module on Modern & Contemporary Chinese Art

I’d like to introduce our newest web module: Modern & Contemporary Chinese Art. The module features 27 modern and contemporary Chinese artworks, displayed in the 2009 exhibition I curated, Tradition and Transition: Recent Chinese Art from the Collection. I had two stellar interns for the exhibition: Rong Zhao, Graduate Student in the History of Art, Class of 2010, and Patrick Rhine, Class of 2010. Rong and Pat researched the artists, translated inscriptions, and even wrote some of the wall labels…

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Become a Museum Associate

If you’ve taken art history 101 & 102 at Williams and enjoy working with kids, I’m asking you to consider dedicating some of your time each week to WCMA’s Museum Associates program. This program builds an incredibly positive relationship to the local and greater Berkshire community and provides a crucial educational resource.

We all know what defines the genius loci here, what makes Williams special is the people. “The people” here includes you. Supported by an incredibly experienced and organized education…

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How did the cuneiform objects get here?


As with our pieces from the Bolles-Rogers family and John Davis Hatch, sometimes the story behind how objects came into the museum’s collection or life events of the donors can be very interesting. Dr. John Henry Haynes donated to the museum thirty-six Mesopotamian clay objects with cuneiform inscriptions.

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