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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Fulkerson Lecture: Roger Mandle

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear one of today’s most influential leaders in the arts talk about his unique experiences in ‘Emerging World Cultural Leadership from the Gulf – Questions and Issues.’ Roger Mandle, class of 1963, who recently assumed leadership of the Qatar Museum Authority in Doha, will be discussing the complexities of building museums and developing cultural programs on a global scale in the Gulf and the effects of competition for resources and reputations. The lecture will take…

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Labeltalk: A Retrospective

History of Labeltalk
The Labeltalk series began in 1995 as an experiment in the interdisciplinary interpretation of art. Based on the premise that a work of art can have multiple meanings, depending on the perspective of the viewer, Labeltalk examines some of those meanings through the viewpoints of Williams College faculty members. The series was initiated with the support of a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which was awarded to enhance the teaching role of the museum on the…

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Alumni Profile: Roger Mandle

Ever wonder who is in the famous Williams College Art Mafia? The list includes past directors of the Museum of Modern Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and the National Gallery of Art. One mafia member, Mr. Roger Mandle (class of 1963), has recently made news for his move to Qatar to take the directorial position at the Qatar Museums Authority in the capital city of Doha. This burgeoning city is quickly becoming an art center and Mandle hopes it…

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Reflections on a Museum Now Open

The museum’s reinstallation project is complete and ready for all to see! Two years in the making, Reflections on a Museum is a re-presentation of the museum’s collection with the additional treat of 50 masterpieces on loan from the Yale University Art Gallery. Eight exhibitions approach the “museum” as subject in different ways. In doing so, the galleries raise fascinating questions about the function and meaning of art across time and cultures and the role of museums in shaping our…

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Then and Now: Media Field Gallery and a Room for Reflection

The museum has been reopened for over a month, and many of the galleries appear much different than they did before the December shutdown. Although a few of the physical changes have taken some getting used to, there are some galleries in which the changes are so transformative one must emend years of deeply seated conceptions about them.

For instance, Medial Field Gallery was once arguably the loudest gallery in the museum. Patrons could hear the ambient sounds produced by the…

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Where Crossed Destinies Meet

One of the highlights of the reinstallation has been the transformation of the 1935 Gallery. For the first time since the early 90s, the magnificent tall windows have been opened up and the results are glorious. The influx of light into the gallery casts dramatic shadows and a vibrant exchange of colors, constantly adjusting throughout the day. The new perspective of the room merits a visit to the museum all by itself.

To coincide with the uncovering of the windows, the…

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